With over 3 decades of experience in all aspects of the wood flooring industry, we discovered an unmet need.  The need for a flooring type that combines the best qualities of all other flooring types, with none of the draw back, all while maintaining a gorgeous look, and an affordable cost. 

We discovered a small group of Norwegian Engineers that were attempting to create a flooring type that can withstand the punishing environment of Norway. 

We engaged this team of engineers to work with us in producing a new type of flooring; one that does not compromise the stunning look of real hardwood, is water resistant, anti-bacterial, resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture, has a hard inner-core to withstand impacts, and also dampens noise. 

With our Norwegian Engineering team's unique skills, and two years of engineering trials, we created the Pacific H2O Smart Floor.

But we ran into a problem... COST

The flooring was perfect; a work of art even. But we did not want our flooring to only be available to the top 1%.

In response, we cut out all middle-men and distributers, and adopted a direct Factory-to-Customer model. The industry calls us crazy; our growing customer base call us affordable.

Now, our Smart Floors offer a number of features which is unmatched by any other competitor, all while being over 30% more affordable than our closest competitors.

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