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Join our global network of Dealers today! 

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Become an Authorized Dealer of Pacific H20 Smart Floor products.

Discover the many benefits that we offer our network of Authorized Dealers.


If you want to offer your customers the most innovative product available on the global market, become an Authorized Dealer today!  

What we offer our Authorized Dealers:

Pacific Smart Floors - 100% Waterproof


Beat your competition by offering your customers one of the most innovative product in the flooring industry today

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Excellent Dealer Support

We understand that without our dealers, we would be nothing. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of Dealer care.


Reliable Logisitcs

All Dealers benefit from our robust and established logistics. We continue to expand with new warehouse locations across the country. 

Our main warehouse is located in Vancouver BC.


Free Referrals and Marketing

We maintain high quality marketing campaigns and send customers to your store.

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