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Discover Pacific Smart Floors

Stunning Colours


The latest in flooring technology.

Pacific Smart Floors is a cutting-edge product engineered to meet the unique requirements of every room, residential or commercial. 

Pacific Smart Floors - 100% Waterproof

100% Waterproof

Due to the materials that make up the patented 4 layer system, our floor is 100% waterproof.

No more warped floors!

Pet Friendly.png

Pet Friendly

The thick wear layer (20 mil), anti-scratch, and easy to clean properties makes this floor perfect for pets.


Say goodbye to scratched floors! 


Durable & Long Lasting

Rated for commercial & Residential use.

Engineered to withstand a lifetime of memories thanks to the combination of stone and polymer materials. Guaranteed for 25 years*


Unmatched Quality

Every detail is designed to capture the unique beauty and feel of real wood. 


6 mm Thickness


The perfect thickness for enhanced durability without being bulky


Sound Abatement Underlay

The high-density foam underlay prevents sound transfer and adds a layer of cushion for your feet.


Easy-Click® System

Easy installation with no glue, no mess, and installs 30% faster than other click-system flooring.

Home Temperature.png

Works with In-Floor Heating

Perfect for in-floor heating. Can be installed (with underlay)  over in-floor heating. Underlay does not affect in-floor heating.

Cross Section.jpg

A Proprietary System

Each layer that makes up a Pacific Smart Floors is innovative and patented, put together to create a product that guarantees maximum quality, performance, durability, and aesthetic. 

Everything you need in only 6 mm.

Wear Layer:          The wear layer is 20 mils thick (0.5mm), much larger than the 8 mil industry standard. Our thick wear layer not only protects the                                      flooring, but also boasts: superior anti-scratch qualities, an anti-slip certification, UV-resistance, a non-static coating, and has                                            natural anti-bacterial properties due to the pore-less nature of the coating. 

Vinyl Graphic:      Our Vinyl Graphics are designed and manufactured in Germany utilizing the best and most modern photorealistic graphics                                                available. 

Core:                     At the core of each Pacific Smart Floor plank is a patented composite blend of SPC. The core allows the flooring to                                                            be 100% waterproof, extremely durable, impact resistant, and fire-retardant.

Underlay:              Our patented sound-abatement underlay comes attached to each plank and is made of ultra-high-density foam. Our                                                          underlay prevents sound transfer between floors, helps maximize comfort when standing for long periods of time, and allows for                                    an easy and fast Installation  with no glue or nails needed. Our underlay is engineered to not interfere or block in-floor heating                                        and can be installed over top of in-floor heating.


Residential Warranty

We stand behind our product. We offer a 25 year warranty for all residential applications - including use in wet areas. 

10 YEAR.gif

Commercial Warranty

We stand behind our product. We offer a 10 year warranty for all light commercial applications - including use in high traffic and wet areas. 


Discover our quick and simple installation

Our patented installation system is designed to install faster and hold stronger than most systems available on the market today - saving you installation time and money.

Discover a quick, mess-free, and gap-free installation.




Grey Oak

Classic Oak.png

Classic Oak

Smoked Oak.png

Smoked Oak


Slavonian Oak

We understand that pet owners demand more from their floors.

Pacific Smart Floors is an excellent choice for homes with pets and children.


100% Waterproof, Anti-Scratch, Easy to Clean, Non-Toxic, Durable, Anti-Slip (Even for Pets)

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